Delicious Christmas Recipes Made Healthy

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it really hard to keep eating healthy food during the Holiday season, and especially on Christmas day! Hard, but not impossible!

While I admit that I tend to indulge a little bit more than usual on that special day, I still managed to successfully healthify a whole bunch of my Christmas favorites and classics over the years. From appetizers to dessert, I am now able to serve my guests and family members a menu that’s totally healthy without leaving them feeling deprived in the least!

Here’s a collection of my ultimate favorite healthy Holiday recipes; hope that you’ll be able to spot something in that list what will inspire you and that you’ll feel like putting on your own table this year!

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Recipe Ideas for a Healthy Thanksgiving

As a French Canadian, I never got to celebrate Thanksgiving, so I can’t pretend to say that I know much of anything about what goes on and especially what gets eaten on that much awaited Holiday…

One thing I do know, however, is that no Thanksgiving feast would be complete without at least some form of squash, or sweet potato, on the menu! Turkey also appears to have a prime spot on the table.

And of course, food tends to be served, and eaten, in abundance!

Soooo, just in case you’re still short a recipe or two and aren’t done figuring out your entire Thanksgiving menu just yet, I thought I’d share a few ideas with you to help you keep your Thanksgiving on the healthier side!

I know I’m very last minute (tell me, just when am I not last minute?) but I hope you still find that this roundup comes in handy!

Oh, and before I go: happy cooking and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! 

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The post Recipe Ideas for a Healthy Thanksgiving appeared first on The Healthy Foodie.