Sugar Free Cookies (Sweetened with Fruit!)

You can give your kids these soft, sweet, Sugar Free Cookies just about any time. Serve them for breakfast, tuck them in your big kids’ lunchboxes, or add one to your busy toddler’s snack plate.

sugar free cookies sweetened with bananas

Sugar, and sugary treats, are all around us. It can be exhausting trying to limit the amount of sugar your kids come in contact with. But there are surprisingly delicious and creative ways to enjoy sweet treats with your kids without adding any refined sugars at all!

Here’s one to try today: delicious, easy, “anytime” cookies that are 100% sugar free, sweetened only with whole fruits, and studded with whole grain oats.

These cookies have been a staple in our home for years. They’re a feel-good choice for snacking toddlers, and a smart addition to lunchboxes. If you’re the kind of person who likes to enjoy the best of both worlds (those worlds would be “healthy” and “indulgent” and we are all that kind of person) then it’s time to get baking!

sugar free oat cookies on a cooling rack

Sugar Free Cookies: How Do They Taste?

When you bite into these cookies, the first thing you notice is that they’re just plain delicious: gently sweet and flavorful, with soft chewy oats and raisins. If you’re skeptical they won’t have enough flavor without sugar, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

The cookies boast a slightly crispy, caramelized taste at the edges, and an interior that’s moist and cinnamony. You and your kids will want to have two or three at once. And you can.

The secret to a delicious, nourishing sugar free cookie lies in the fruit. Some fruits can stand in for sugar in baked good recipes, like dates, mangoes, and applesauce–anything with a high sugar content. In this recipe, we use bananas. Bananas are naturally high in sugar, and they also help keep the texture of the cookies moist and fluffy.

healthy sugar free cookies on a plate with bananas

How to Make and Store Sugar Free Cookies

These cookies are ever-so-simple to make. The dough may look a bit more wet than your typical cookie dough, but don’t worry–it’ll turn nicely golden brown in the oven.

Because the cookies don’t change shape dramatically in the oven (unlike typical cookies,) it’s wise to flatten the dough/batter into the size and shape you want your cookies to be before you bake.

You can store them in the refrigerator to help them keep their color (banana-based baked goods can turn gray-ish left out on the countertop.) Let them come to room temperature before eating, or warm them up in the toaster oven for a few minutes.

Leftovers do freeze well, if you can restrain yourself long enough to freeze them.

kids picking up fresh homemade sugar free cookiessugar free cookies on a plate and cooling rack

Enjoy, and try some more low-sugar treats here:

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50 Low Sugar Snacks for Kids

Sugar Free Cookies | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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Orange Julius Recipe

Serve up a fresh glass of vitamin C, protein, and real fruit with this healthy Orange Julius recipe made from simple whole food ingredients.

homemade orange julius in glass with straws

Just what is it about an Orange Julius? That sweet, cold, and frothy treat famous at malls and state fairs across America has a way of staying in your mind, even if you’ve only ever ordered one or two.

In this cold classic treat, we saw an opportunity to create a healthy dessert (or breakfast!) for kids that delivers two servings of fresh fruit, a boost of vitamin C, and even a few grams of protein for their growing bodies.

Got frozen bananas and a few other basics on hand? Then you can be sipping on this burst-of-sunshine Orange Julius recipe in five minutes. You have to try it!

orange julius recipe in glasses with fresh oranges

What is this Orange Julius Recipe Made Of?

Unlike the original Orange Julius (made no doubt of mystical, sugar-laden, and also highly-processed ingredients,) this Orange Julius recipe contains just six simple, whole food ingredients, including two whole fruits. Here’s a full list of the ingredients in our freshened-up Julius:

Greek yogurt

Toss these goodies into a blender and you’ll create something like an old-fashioned Orange Julius, only better: a cool and ultra-refreshing citrus drink that tastes a lot like a Creamsicle. And take heart: this recipe makes enough for you and your kids, both.

Homemade orange julius in glass

The Secret Ingredient for a Kicky Orange Taste

Other copycat Orange Julius recipes on the web use frozen orange juice concentrate to get that intense citrus flavor. We chose to get that kicky orange taste another way: with zest!

Orange zest is rich in natural oils that have an incredibly fresh, strong taste of oranges. (If you’re concerned about pesticide residue on your oranges, just grab an organic orange at the store.)

A microplane zester like this one works perfectly for the job, but you can also use the fine holes on a box grater to get orange zest, too.

By using a combination of zest, whole orange, and orange juice, we’ve been able to create a deliciously potent orange flavor that will keep your kids sipping… without the sugar rush that can come out of using canned concentrate.

More Sweet Sippables

This is not our first Julius rodeo! For a cool twist on this Orange Julius Recipe, try our Green Julius Recipe. (Hint: the ingredient that makes it green is one you want your kids eating more of!)

And if you love smoothies with an orange juice base, you’ll also love our Cherry Pineapple Smoothie. Happy sipping!

homemade orange julius in glass with fresh orangesOrange Julius Recipe | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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Healthier Homemade Donuts

Make rich, chocolatey, homemade donuts right in your own kitchen! These donuts are baked, not fried, and even include a surprise ingredient to make them a more balanced treat. 

homemade chocolate donuts

Care for a cakey, delicious chocolate donut? Made in your own kitchen? Without all the processed frying oils, and minus cups and cups of sugar? (Yes, this offer just keeps getting better and better.)

When we make treats like these homemade donuts at home, we get to enjoy fresher flavors and better nutrition– so important to us when we’re feeding our kids!

These chocolatey homemade donuts taste sweet and indulgent, and are topped with a thick, rich glaze made from two simple ingredients. Try them the next time you’re looking for a lightened-up dessert.

homemade chocolate donuts on cooling rack

What Makes These Homemade Donuts Healthier?

Store-bought donuts lose nutrition points in a few major ways. First, they’re loaded with sugar. Second, their macro-nutrient profile is strongly skewed towards simple carbohydrates and processed oils.

These yummy homemade donuts win back both those points. We wanted to sweetened them naturally, so we chose honey; you’ll find no refined sugar whatsoever in the batter. (Yes, the glaze includes dark chocolate chips, and they do contain sugar. We’re human.)

We also included chocolate protein powder, and cut way down on the oil in these donuts, to balance the macro-nutrients a bit better. Balancing fats, carbs, and proteins helps kids–and us–stay satisfied longer and prevent crazy blood sugar spikes. (You know how your kids act in the middle of a sugar-rush? Then you’ll be motivated to prevent it.)

While these homemade donuts are still absolutely a treat food, they’re a healthier alternative to store-bought donuts for kids who love donuts. Have a bite!

homemade chocolate donut with bite taken out

How to Make Homemade Donuts

To cook up donuts in the signature shape, you’ll of course need to start with a donut pan. We love silicone because it’s so easy to pop the donuts right out. You can buy a cute pair of silicone donut pans here.

Mix up the batter like you would for a cake: dry ingredients in one bowl, wet ingredients in another, then fold them together. When you’re filling the molds, make sure you only fill the batter 2/3 of the way up the mold, to account for rising in the oven.

A couple tip about glazing the donuts: after your donuts come out of the oven,  let them cool completely before you add the glaze. Then chill them to set the glaze, but not for too long.  You’ll want to take them out of the fridge and eat them at room temperature.

homemade chocolate donuts on a white platter

For chocolate-obsessed kids, try these healthy treats too:

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Healthier Chocolate Donuts | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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Amazing Azomite. What it is and How to Use for Home and Garden

azomiteAzomite is one of those beneficial substances that is useful for many things around the home. It belongs in the same category as apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth and baking soda.

For this reason, it’s best to have some on hand especially during springtime!

What is Azomite?

While many people have heard about azomite,

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Healthy Fruit Pizza Recipe

Not your traditional sugar-laden cookie! This healthy fruit pizza recipe takes ten (no-cook!) minutes to make and features wholesome ingredients you can feel good about serving.

healthy fruit pizza recipe

Traditional fruit pizza is pretty to look at, delicious, and topped with fresh healthy fruits. But also, let’s be straight, it’s a cookie. A very sweet, frosted cookie. And not a simple one to make at home yourself, at that.

We set out to take the best elements of this tasty treat (The fruit! The crust! The frosting!) and create a fruit pizza recipe that’s fast and easy to make at home, and healthy enough to serve as an after school snack. It’s also a snack that can double as a fun activity for your kids, which we’ll get to later.

First, let’s have a closer look at this fun and tasty treat…

healthy fruit pizzas with greek yogurt frosting

What Makes This Fruit Pizza Recipe Healthy?

Here’s how we turned this once-in-a-while dessert to an everyday treat: we cut way, way back on the sugar. The whole wheat “crust” is free of any added sweeteners, and the frosting is re-imagined using Greek yogurt plus a touch of orange juice and honey. Trust us… the gorgeous fresh fruits and creamy yogurt topping are plenty sweet!

Plus, the colorful fruit topping provides a boost of antioxidants and vitamins that every kid (and grownup!) can benefit from.

close up of fruit pizzas

How to Make This Fruit Pizza Recipe

If you’ve ever made fruit pizza with a sugar-cookie base before, you know there’s usually a little time and effort involved. Not so with this fruit pizza recipe.

In fact, for these little cuties, you won’t need to turn on the oven at all. They’re 100% no-cook! The secret is using soft whole wheat tortillas on the bottom of the pizza.

Grab a drinking glass to get started. Just punch out a few mini rounds from a tortilla and set them aside. (Wondering what to do with the scraps? You can throw them into a casserole, or toss them with butter and bake them into crispy chips… but do that later. We’re not baking now. 😉

In a mixing bowl, stir together Greek yogurt, vanilla, honey, and a splash of orange juice. There’s your healthy, whole food frosting! Now you’re ready to spread it on the cut-out rounds. Or pass the bowl and a butter knife to your kids, and let them do the spreading.

The last step in this fruit pizza recipe is perfect for little food artists. Let your kids design their own personal pizza by arranging cut fruit on top of the frosted rounds. And admire the beautiful edible rainbows you create!

healthy fruit pizzas with fresh fruit

Working on improving your snack strategy? Learn how we ensure healthy snacking at home here:

5 Healthy Snacking Tips for Kids

Healthy Fruit Pizzas | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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Chocolate Sunbutter

Sweet Chocolate Sunbutter is a decadent spread that’s high in protein and healthy fats. Since it’s nut-free and school safe, go ahead and pack this sunbutter in kids’ lunches and snacks… it’s like nut-free Nutella!

homemade chocolate sunbutter in a jar

If you’ve tried the sweet, cinnamon-y sunbutter recipe we’ve shared before, you know how simple and addictive homemade sunbutter can be. And if you’ve tried, well, anything chocolate before… you know that chocolate is always fabulous. So it was only a matter of time before we combined these two great flavors into one delicious, nutritious, and decadent spread.

Chocolate Sunbutter is quick to make in your food processor, and made from minimally processed ingredients like dates, maple syrup, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a splash of almond milk. Your kids will fall for the look–like frosting!!–before they even have their first taste. Then they’ll fall for the sweet flavor and crunchy/smooth texture of this satisfying spread.

Our favorite way to serve Chocolate Sunbutter is in a little dish next to fresh cut fruit. Try firm fruits like apples or Bosc pairs, since the consistency of the spread is fairly thick.

spoonful of homemade chocolate sunbutter from a jar

Why Yes, Chocolate Sunbutter is Super Healthy

Sunflower seeds: so humble, but so healthy! These little seeds pack in plant proteins, healthy polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E, selenium, and other minerals that help set the stage for a lifetime of good heart health.

Chocolate Sunbutter can stand in for nut butters for kids who have allergies to nuts. That means it’s also safe to send to school! So you can pack Chocolate Sunbutter in your kids’ lunchboxes, with some fresh cut fruit or whole grain crackers on the side for dipping.

This chocolatey spread also tastes rich and sweet without a crazy amount of sugar. Two tablespoons of Nutella contains 21 grams of sugar… five whole teaspoons worth. The same amount of Chocolate Sunbutter only has three grams of sugar: a hair under one teaspoon. And the sweetness comes from whole dates and pure maple syrup, not refined sugars.

The takeaway: have another apple slice slathered in Chocolate Sunbutter.

dipping apple slice in a jar of homemade chocolate sunbutter

How to Make Chocolate Sunbutter

This recipe is simple to make, and comes together entirely in your food processor. Buzz up the seeds first, until they form into a ball that starts rolling around in circles in the food processor cup. Then add the remaining ingredients and process further, until the sunbutter is evenly-colored and -textured.

The longer you process the sunbutter, the smoother it gets. So don’t be afraid to let your food processor run for a few minutes. (Unless you like a rustic sunbutter. That’s cool too!)

Store leftover Chocolate sunbutter in the fridge, but let it warm up to room temperature before serving, for the most dippable texture.

dipping cups of fruit and chocolate sunbutter


Chocolate Sunbutter


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Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Bars

Time for a make-at-home treat! Kids will flip for these sweet, chewy Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Bars that taste like the boxed cookie classic.

homemade girl scout cookie samoas bars

When we crave a sweet treat, we go homemade. Why? First of all, because freshly-made treats are the tastiest treats. Second of all, we love to use ingredients we know and trust! Especially when we’re cooking for, and with, our kids.

These Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Bars are absolutely indulgent, layered with a crunchy cookie base, chewy coconut caramel and bittersweet chocolate. Are these an everyday food around here? Nope, and nope. Try Healthy Carrot and Apple Breakfast Oat Cookies for that.

But the next time you’re looking for a special treat and a fun baking activity to share with your kids, this one’s exactly right!

homemade girl scout cookie samoas bars

How to Make Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Bars

Because it’s got so many layers of chewy goodness, this recipe takes a little time–and a few different bowls–to make. If you’re looking for a lazy weekend baking project to make with your kids, this recipe is perfect. (If you’re on the hunt for a quick and easy sweet treat, you might want to try these Nutella Truffles. Or maybe these 3-Ingredient Rice Crispy Treats.)

To make these bars, you’ll prepare each of the three layers separately, then assemble them all together into one sweet square of amazing-ness.

Treat the first layer of these bars more or less like cookie dough: mix together the sugar, butter, flour, egg, vanilla, and salt in turn, then press this mixture into a baking dish and bake it. Easy!

Next, you’ll toast your coconut flakes in the oven, and stir them together with caramels melted in the trusty microwave with a splash of milk. Pro tip: kids love the cool science of solid caramels melting in the microwave, and during stirring. Let them do this part! Spread the coconut and caramel mixture over your cookie base, cool and cut your bars, and then it’s chocolate time. (Who loves chocolate time? Everybody loves chocolate time.)

homemade girl scout cookie samoas bars

Melt chocolate chips in the microwave and dip each bar into the warm chocolate. Set the bars on parchment paper to cool. Then drizzle the last of the chocolate on top of the bars.

All done! Just try your very very hardest not to devour these Girl Scout Cookies Samoas Bars before they cool all the way. They can be very messy when the chocolate isn’t fully cooled. Ask us how we know.

homemade girl scout cookie samoas bars


Girl Scout Samoas Bars | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids



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Dried Fruit. Yes, It Is Healthy If You Avoid These 4 Things

best dried fruitWhen people make the commitment to eliminate processed food and sugar from the diet, dried fruit frequently becomes one of the more popular alternate snacks of choice.

While there is some perplexing discussion online about whether dried fruit is healthy or not (seriously?), from an ancestral perspective, it is certainly fine. This is especially true if you take the time to dehydrate fresh fruit slices yourself.

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Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Salad

Add a pop of color to your table with healthy, strawberry kiwi salad, lightly dressed with a sweet-tart honey-lime dressing. This dish can double as breakfast and dessert.

strawberry kiwi fruit salad

Sometimes ordinary foods, in simple combinations, can taste extraordinary! Here’s a beautiful fruit salad you can make in five minutes flat that tastes juicy and delicious and gets your kids (who might be getting just a titch tired of apples and bananas) excited about fruit again.

Toss strawberries and kiwis together with a squeeze of lime and a few teaspoons of honey, and you’re ready to wow your little critics.

glass dish of strawberries and kiwis

Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Salad for Picky Eaters

Strawberries and kiwis are some of the richest foods in Vitamin C. So are broccoli and bell peppers! But for kids who shy away from vegetables some or all of the time, a fresh fruit salad can stand in as a source of some of the important nutrients kids need.

In a perfect world, of course, kids would love a good fruit salad AND broccoli AND bell peppers. If you’re feeling wistful thinking about it, know that as long as you keep serving and enjoying these foods in your home, your kids will most likely learn to like them!

In the meantime, you can feel good about your kids chowing down on fiber- and antioxidant-rich fresh fruits like this strawberry kiwi salad.

Serve it alongside scrambled eggs with breakfast, or as a weeknight dessert.

glass dishes of strawberries and kiwis

Seasonal Strawberry Kiwi Salad

This fruit salad matches many seasons, which makes it a nicely versatile little dish. The colors look Christmas-y at Christmas time. The strawberries look and taste like a Valentines Day treat. Kiwis taste their freshest in the wintertime, and strawberries come into their sweetest season in summer. Whenever you have a craving for fresh, juicy fruits, this recipe fits!

Enjoy this simple but special strawberry kiwi fruit salad this week. Do you have a favorite fruit salad combo? For more twists on fresh fruit, try the Minted Fruit Salad, Fruit Salad with Citrus Dressing, and this Ultimate Fruit Salad.

pouring sweet dressing onto fruit salad


Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Salad | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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