Healthy Fruit Pizza Recipe

Not your traditional sugar-laden cookie! This healthy fruit pizza recipe takes ten (no-cook!) minutes to make and features wholesome ingredients you can feel good about serving.

healthy fruit pizza recipe

Traditional fruit pizza is pretty to look at, delicious, and topped with fresh healthy fruits. But also, let’s be straight, it’s a cookie. A very sweet, frosted cookie. And not a simple one to make at home yourself, at that.

We set out to take the best elements of this tasty treat (The fruit! The crust! The frosting!) and create a fruit pizza recipe that’s fast and easy to make at home, and healthy enough to serve as an after school snack. It’s also a snack that can double as a fun activity for your kids, which we’ll get to later.

First, let’s have a closer look at this fun and tasty treat…

healthy fruit pizzas with greek yogurt frosting

What Makes This Fruit Pizza Recipe Healthy?

Here’s how we turned this once-in-a-while dessert to an everyday treat: we cut way, way back on the sugar. The whole wheat “crust” is free of any added sweeteners, and the frosting is re-imagined using Greek yogurt plus a touch of orange juice and honey. Trust us… the gorgeous fresh fruits and creamy yogurt topping are plenty sweet!

Plus, the colorful fruit topping provides a boost of antioxidants and vitamins that every kid (and grownup!) can benefit from.

close up of fruit pizzas

How to Make This Fruit Pizza Recipe

If you’ve ever made fruit pizza with a sugar-cookie base before, you know there’s usually a little time and effort involved. Not so with this fruit pizza recipe.

In fact, for these little cuties, you won’t need to turn on the oven at all. They’re 100% no-cook! The secret is using soft whole wheat tortillas on the bottom of the pizza.

Grab a drinking glass to get started. Just punch out a few mini rounds from a tortilla and set them aside. (Wondering what to do with the scraps? You can throw them into a casserole, or toss them with butter and bake them into crispy chips… but do that later. We’re not baking now. 😉

In a mixing bowl, stir together Greek yogurt, vanilla, honey, and a splash of orange juice. There’s your healthy, whole food frosting! Now you’re ready to spread it on the cut-out rounds. Or pass the bowl and a butter knife to your kids, and let them do the spreading.

The last step in this fruit pizza recipe is perfect for little food artists. Let your kids design their own personal pizza by arranging cut fruit on top of the frosted rounds. And admire the beautiful edible rainbows you create!

healthy fruit pizzas with fresh fruit

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