Ganache Recipes : Ganache Glaze, Filling and Frosting!

Ganache makes a classic chocolate recipe used as a glaze, frosting, or even as a filling for pastries and truffles. Made of chocolate and cream, ganache is a simple, yet versatile recipe.

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There are few things as simple to make as chocolate ganache or as versatile. Made by heating cream and pouring over chopped chocolate or chocolate chips, there couldn’t be anything more basic than that.

However, depending on the intended use, the ratios of the ingredients will vary. Additionally, you can add flavor with liqueurs, extracts, and other elements depending on the use. Butter can also be included in the mixture to give a rich, shiny sheen and flavor.

The uses are endless for this basic, yet so delicious treat! I have to say it is pretty amazing just straight from the spoon! (more…)

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